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Consulting Start-Ups

Establishing a company and becoming active in businnes is exciting and fascinating. However, for many people who decide to take this step it is always also a bit frightening or frustrating. Especially when applying for public grants - of which there are a lot for new companies / entrepreneurs, many people start to be doubtful about their decision. We witnessed entrepreneurs that have had a successfull track record for more than 20 years but became desperate when they had to set up a business plan for a new company fitting the needs of the public authorities or the banks they dealt with.

We offer these persons / companies individual and effective consultation. We help them setting up a business plan, consult them on their strategic approach, facilitate partners, grants and qualifications. We also develop concepts according the market approach or the PR of the new company.

In many cases these services can be financed throught public grants so that the entrepreneur does not have to cover the costs resulting.






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