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Consulting Grants

Almost never before companies and organizations could profit from such a lot of different subsidies and grants. Among our clients are companies that get subsidies for investments of up to 50 percent of their costs. The problem occuring from this situation is, that many companies feel lost, facing the amount of different funding programmes and institutions. Even if they find the right programme with the help of an online tool or by hand-to-mouth communication, many companies fall into despair during the application process or simply make formal mistakes due to with the application fails.

We got specialized in consulting and helping these companies and organizations. This includes an analysis of the project, the research for funding, the application process and controlling / accounting of the grants.

In most cases we work based on commission, meaning that we just get paid after the project is realized and the grants got paid. That means, that there is no risk for the customer at all. If we don't succeed he does not have costs, if we succeed he profits of the subsidies we acquired.

Our services may also include to find the right place for your company to settle. In this case we would take a closer look at various destinations within a target region, in order to organize / hold talks with political representatives or public authorities to evaluate which location would best fit the needs of the customer.





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