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Smart TV

Smart TV is on the jump. Just a few companies so far realized its real potential. Many companies are still waiting how esp. Smart TV develops. This might be a mistake, because the market is developing rapidly. While there have been 4 million devices able to use Smart TV in 2010 it will be more than 10 million in 2013, In 2016 there will be more than 20 millionen devices just in Germany.*

We forecast therefore a growing competition on positioning Smart TV Apps. Which apps will be preinstalled by the manufacturers of the devices? What is the page rank of a new app within the App Store?

smarttvOf course is the utilisation of means and resources in order to set up and maintain, e.g. a Smart TV App, not ecologically worthwhile for every company. For larger companies or institutions addressing partners or customers on a regional, national or even international level it offers tremendous opportunities to provide information or establish and maintain communication - theoretically around the globe. Get in touch with your customer or business partner wherever he or she is - through the TV in his / her living room, on the road via Smartphone or during a business meeting on his / her Tablet PC.

Especially for municipal bodies or regional institutions Smart Media offers unique opportunities to address specific target audiences, e.g. for purposes of destination or tourism marketing. Furthermore Smart TV is ideal for municipalities to keep in touch with former residents or to keep residents working / living abroad informed about developments in their hometown. Also universities, cultural institutions or exhibition corporations could use the communication channels to present themselves or to inform about their offers. Institutions, running large facilities, e.g. museums, shopping centers, airports, could use Smart TV for in-house solutions in order to help their clients navigate through their buildings, exhibitions or fairs. By embedding QR-Codes or mobile payment systems the interaction with the customer can be raised to a new level.

Since Smart TV is a comparable new technology, there is often the possibility to get the development of an application and temporarily even its launch funded. If so, you can create a powerful and globally usable marketing tool for less than an add in your local newspaper.

Pergo Management offers you an unique 360° service. We consult you about the possibilities, develop an individual concept fitting to your needs and take care about the production / programming of your App**. Finally we offer to promote your new app on TV*.

In addition we offer services concerning research, acquisition and management of grants and third party funds. Furthermore we offer a full range of services in the area of project management, including e.g. the process of coordination of planning, stakeholder relations, etc. The amount of work for you is reduced to a minimum. You do not need to free or even create new resources to realize a project.


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*Quelle: Goldmedia 2011

**we do not just code the individual app compatible to all major platforms, we also take care of the certification process with all major manufacturers

***in selected countries / cable networks in Central Europe



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