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We are often surprised to witness how many people still think, that 'Marketing' is synounymous to 'adervertising'. A phenomenom we witness especially when dealing with public authorities and political bodies, but also when working for SMEs. Although the situation changed during the last years, there are still a lot of people and companies, that don't understand what marketing really is - a highly complex, eclectic process.

We at Pergo Management are aware of these complexity. We are experienced in the use of the marketing mix and its individual adoption to various kinds of client. Our management has an academic background in marketing supplemented by the etensive experience of our (project-) staff, gathered in international surroundings, the retail market, NGOs and public authorities.

We are familiar with all steps of the marketing process. This includes i.e.:

- analysis of the status quo (including customer surveys, sorting of feedbacks, marketing analysis and finally the preparation of a SWOT-Analysis)

- process of coordination and planning with the customer in order to agree to a common strategy / concept

- operational phase (incl. stakeholder relations, reporting, implementation, coaching of employees, production)

- evaluation


In addition to most other companies we are also familiar with specific backgrounds, like marketing for cultural institutions or destination marketing, incl. the use of Social Media for institutional marketing.


Other specific areas of marketing consultancy include:

- Public Relations Management

- Public Affairs Management

- Event Management

- Marketing Production

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