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Public Relations Management

Public Relations Management plays a keyrole when a company or institution wants to represent itself to a huge audience. The services we provide can include the management of contacts to media and media representatives or just supplementory actions within a campaign or project. The staff of us taking over the responsibility within this working area has a longlasting journalistic background completed by several years as (institutional) spokesperson or / and as speaker of an international organization.

That guarantees you the experience but also the composure that is necessary to successfully complete this challenging task.

We provide the following services:

- Taking over the responsibility of the customers complete communication (incl. also internal communications)

- Outbound communication for a certain project, campaing or department

- Coaching of staff within the area of Public Relations

- Media Analysis

- Conception of media strategies

- Crisis Communication



Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication is probably the supreme discipline within the area of communications. In most cases it is characterized by extreme pressure - in the sense of a public / media interest - on the one hand and a lack of time to gather information and reconcilement with the customer or its stakeholders on the other side. Our staff concerned disposes relevant qualifications and certificates by reowned institutions supplemented by practical experiences, providing a provable track record.



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