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Marketing Production

We claim to offer full service to our customers. This includes that we also offer the production of specific marketing materials. Since some of our staff worked before in marketing agencies we have a deep knowledge of the market, including an excellent overview about available materials and techniques, as well as a profound insight into prices. Due to our close relation to several major producers, esp. in the area of printing products we can realize very moderate prices for our customers.

In addition we own a small production site ourselve, which allows us to cope very urgent demands of clients in the areas digital and large format printing. For some clients we produced signs, posters or even canvas prints within just a couple of hours.

Also within the area of crisis communication we could take several times use of our own production facilities by being able to produce leaflets or information brochures during nighttime.


Our newest product: individualized SmartTV Apps for all platforms

Beside the "classical" marketing materials like brochures, reports or simple give-aways, we are through one of our partner also able to realize complex digital marketing products up to the creation of individualized communication channels. The newest product we offer is to create individualized SmartTV applications, including conception, programming and servicing. Your advantage: We provide a unique solution that is compatible with all major platforms on the market.




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